Jack makes me smile :)

I don’t suppose one watches Criminal Minds for heartwarming moments. Hoodie-wearing psycho killers, Penelope and Derek’s sexy banters, Reed’s ‘boy-band’ hairstyle, yes. But it’s the unexpected that gets me. Jack always makes me a softie.

Criminal Minds, S06, Ep6

Jack: Dad, don’t look at me.

Aaron: I’m not looking. Are you almost ready?

Jack: Yes.

Aaron: Do you need any help?

Jack: No.

Aaron: Ok.

*Jack appears with his costume*

Aaron: Woah… That is definitely not Spiderman.

Jack: He’s not a real superhero.

Aaron: He’s not?

*Jack shakes his head*

Aaron: Ok I give up. Who are you suppose to be?

*Jack looks disappointed that his Dad doesn’t recognise which super hero he is!*

Jack: I’m you Daddy! *big smile on his face*

Awww what would you do if your kiddo says that to you?! Why I’d go up to my kid like Aaron did and give him a big hug 🙂 *thoughts of having a kid or not flashes across my mind but I pushed it out – it’s been a long day, no need to get into that again*

This brought a smile to my face before I go to bed after a trying day. Halloween wasn’t so scary after all!


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