New Year!

I am such a procrastinator… Seriously. It’s 26 days into the new year!

Anyway, I am really grateful that I got to spend Christmas and New Year holidays in the company of friends and children! Children are very hard work, but it’s fun when you can “give them back” to their parents when you’ve had enough. I love babies! So nice to cuddle and play with.

It was a time of fun, rest and catch up with friends and on drama-watching and book-reading! Everything was taken care of. I just relax and do my thing.

*wistfully yearning for more relax holidays*

Ok this is not really a new year’s resolution of any sort, but I kind of discovered some kind of motto while I was doing massive drama marathorn — Life is too short for bad dramas 😛

Its so much fun and enjoyment even watching half decent dramas it makes me wonder why I would ever want to sit through dramas that my brain doesn’t comprehend, or dramas that makes you sit there screaming and almost fisting my computer screen/TV, or dramas that just gives me headache?!

I used to finish watching every drama I start because I justify that I’m REALLY curious, “I really want to know the ending!” That meant hours of cursing the screen, thinking why?! Why?! WHY?! But enough is enough.

The dramas I’ve watched recently on the trip includes Prosecutor Princess, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and My Girl (I know! I know!! Any kdrama veteran would be ashamed of me for taking so long to watch that one). It was all so much fun! And no doubt it was the credit of the community over on dramabeans that helped me picked out these shows to watch.

There is simply no need to spend time on dramas that just makes you upset because of bad writing, editing, flawed logic, characters inconsistencies etc. Consequently, when back at home, I deleted 10 episodes of Mary Stayed Out All Night (up til before my trip) and I just finished the series with javabeans & girlfriday’s recap. That, no matter how much cuteness and love I have for Jang Guen-seok and Moon Guen-young, could not get me to finish it. *sigh* But I stuck to my guns, and deleted the 10 episodes I watched and that’s the end of it.

New Year hope (I refuse to be held to it even though I try!!)

1) Love my God and my family more

2) Watch more fun dramas! (like Dream High, My Princess)

3) Try to exercise more

4) Er…

Ok ok let’s just keep it to three. Three is more than enough.


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I take pleasure in rainbow, Jesus, friends, food, TV shows, Korean dramas, Wang Lee Hom, reading, football, gaming...
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