Autumn’s Concerto

Well, after having K-drama overload, I thought it’d be great to watch something in mandarin so that I don’t have to keep my eyes trained on subtitles and, for once, get to enjoy the beautiful people, the nice cinematography etc.

After ockoala mentioned Autumn’s Concerto, I went to dig up some background on it. It has got the second highest drama ratings in Taiwan, the synopsis sounds interesting, and it has Xiao Xiao Bin! Of course I’m a sucker for the ever-so-flawed hero getting his girl. I was sold.

I seldom touch T-drama, in fact, I avoid them like the plague. From what I have seen, most of them their target audience seems to be the teenagers, the story over simplistic (or full of cliches), over-the-top acting (ALWAYS have ridiculously annoying relatives!! who we know are there for comic relief but I find them SUPER annoying and does not make me laugh in the slightest but cringe).

So, er… well… Let’s start with the good points first and why I thought in the beginning I enjoyed the show. The pacing and story line was very good from ep 1-12. Best I have seen from a T-drama (but keep in mind I avoid them like the plague – as far as I can remember the only T-drama I completed is Fated to Love You). I especially enjoyed it because I can understand it in its entirety. Really, being able to understand the dialogue and get its’ nuances is more than half the joy. I thought Vanness Wu’s acting improved tremendously from his F4 days, convincing in most scenes but there’s still a lot of work to be done boy but who can not be tempted by his abs?!?! The show is littered with half naked Vanness. Ady An is a new find but er.. more on that later. So from ep 1-12 I thought, lucky me! What a rare find! It was my rainbow for 12 hours 🙂 I felt good.

If I had tried to write this immediately after I finished the show, man this would not have been a nice post at all. Suffice to say, my hubby thought I was really mad watching the last, maybe 5-10? episodes. He commented that he’s never seen me so agitated watching a show! I was yelling at my monitor and making snide remarks, talking to myself (and maybe the SHOW? hoping that I can get through to it and save it from itself) basically. In short, he’s never seen me this crazy before.

I have had 3 weeks to calm down now, so no show-bashing (I hope). My problem with AC is mainly the second half of the show. It has nothing to do with Ady An but I really cannot stand the character of Liang Mu Cheng. I get it that there are nice, REALLY nice people around. But come on, she’s a doormat. She lies, has no fragment of a backbone for herself, she short-changes her son’s happiness, all in the name of happiness (or is it self-sacrifice?). She abhor being at the mercy of others but it’s what exactly she did to Ren Guang Xi. Her character has no credibility at all, Guang Xi’s love for her in the end is just, that, his love for her. She seems to love everyone else BUT herself. This type of heroine, I have no love for. I am not convinced at all that she loves him. What has she done? Faked the kidnapping of her son? There is no believable conflict (lame conflict? in abundance) in the second half, and it feels like the drama is 25 episode just cos, there is actually no story to tell (maybe except lies? hee).

Guang Xi has grown. I feel his struggles, to be free from his controlling mother. That was what was great in the first half, and this plot continues to the end (although the resolution was well within my guess). However, Mu Cheng lacks any sort of character development. I did not feel she that she grown at all, no character development. Therefore, I do not buy into their story at all.

Seriously, I think the scriptwriter is the one at fault here. If this was a short and sweet 16 episodes, maybe it would have been a different story. The writers scammed me into watching ep 18, with the promise of a reconciliation at the romantic poolside date but we all know how that ended up (more lies? haha). Least you wonder why only ep 18 has the highest viewer ratings. Everyone fell for it!! Well at least there is no detestable second female lead.

I cannot really say how I feel about Ady An’s acting – maybe another show might seal my love for her. That said, good luck trying to get me watch another T-drama.

The end was really, the end.

Erm… maybe the beginning? I knew the ending at the beginning. We all know! They peppered the show with happy family moments throughout the series.


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One Response to Autumn’s Concerto

  1. estel says:

    I don’t think I was quite as upset as you at the last half, but I sure was annoyed. After she totally tells off the girl trying to steal her husband…she LIES TO HIM??? Gah. Seriously. On the other hand, I do think some of the fault lies at his feet, because he was completely irrational about “the gardner” and never would have believed her even if she’d told the truth. But still.

    Yeah, I feel like the writer got to episode 12, was like, “Oh crap, this was supposed to be a 25-episode story, I forgot!” and just kept making them misunderstand and fight with each other to fill the remaining time. And the ending! Don’t even get my started. It was probably the lamest ending of any drama I’ve ever seen, ever. Good thing Xiao Xiao Bin is so cute and Vanness’s abs are so good.

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