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When facing hardships…

From Our Daily Bread   “we can turn to the Father who ministers deeply to our hearts and in our lives. He has a love that never fails. And in our world filled with trials, that kind of love is … Continue reading

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Autumn’s Concerto

Well, after having K-drama overload, I thought it’d be great to watch something in mandarin so that I don’t have to keep my eyes trained on subtitles and, for once, get to enjoy the beautiful people, the nice cinematography etc. … Continue reading

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So while I was at work, I was looking for a student’s record. A Korean student’s record at that, and his name was Lee Hyunjung. But after 10 mins of searching in various databases, I could find nothing?!?! And why … Continue reading

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New Year!

I am such a procrastinator… Seriously. It’s 26 days into the new year! Anyway, I am really grateful that I got to spend Christmas and New Year holidays in the company of friends and children! Children are very hard work, … Continue reading

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Jack makes me smile :)

I don’t suppose one watches Criminal Minds for heartwarming moments. Hoodie-wearing psycho killers, Penelope and Derek’s sexy banters, Reed’s ‘boy-band’ hairstyle, yes. But it’s the unexpected that gets me. Jack always makes me a softie. Criminal Minds, S06, Ep6 Jack: … Continue reading

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It had me laughing so hard!

I saw this on This cracked me up! It made my day 🙂 I can now go do what I was suppose to do, err wait… I forgot >.<

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A beginning in autumn

Autumn is here. It is when I decided to embark on a new journey – a blog. It’s funny to think that I had to search the internet to help me begin the process of name selection, what I want … Continue reading

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